‘Croatoan’ and Hatteras Island are the same place

Hatteras Indians, these are them that wear English dress. – John Lawson, 1701

Neither John Lawson nor John Yeamans were the first to present the idea that the 1587 lost colony moved to Hatteras Island and assimilated with the Indians there. It was another John, John White.

I was deeply joyful for the certain token of their safe arrival at Croatoan, where the savages of the island were our friends, and where Manteo was born, he wrote in 1593.

All one needs to do is look at the maps done by John White in 1585, or the Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese maps of the period. All have the portion of Hatteras Island from modern-day Buxton to Hatteras Inlet labeled Croatoan. The reason this colony was lost is very simple. They were abandoned. The English never went back to Croatoan Island to look for the colony, despite the clear indication that they went there by the word CROATOAN on a palisade around the old settlement site on Roanoke Island.

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