Outer Banks Forum: Beethoven under Glass

Brooklyn Rider onstage

Brooklyn Rider (an atypical but not unprecedented – nor particularly modernist – name for a string quartet, itself a form going back as far as the sixteenth century) brought the music of a rather newer group of composers, mostly still living, in fact, to the First Flight High School Saturday evening. Johnny Gandelsman, violin, Colin Jacobsen, violin, Nicholas Cords, viola, and Eric Jacobsen, cello, didn’t shy from modernism – or storms of eighteenth-century romance, for that matter. Philip Glass (b. 1937), whose Suite for String Quartet was the centerpiece of the first set, appeared to hold the key to deconstruction of ‘the classics,’ but the evening’s only composer not among the living, Beethoven, still ruled after the intermission. His Quartet No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Op. 131, received a stirring reading from the expert musicians, who brought their twentieth-century passions to the work with fascinating results. (Peter Hummers | Sentinel)