Sandy enervates the locals

Sandy Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities pic
Sandy is predicted to pivot around the Outer Banks before heading inland.
Hurricane Sandy, that is. At the Nags Head Pierhouse restaurant this morning, four minutes after opening found the usual breakfasting police officers and a few strange (to me) couples at the tables. The staff and clientele were as animated by the approaching storm as the Atlantic surging beneath the restaurant and the jokes and wisecracks were flying.

Sandy is predicted to just brush Nags Head, although for a while, as she is expected to turn inland using the Outer Banks as a pivot.

No matter; most locals have their BOB’s (bug-out bags) ready, and are also equipped to weather the storm in place, with water, batteries, candles, wind-up radios and the usual accoutrements – including supplies for not a few [hurricane | tropical storm] parties. (We have a gluten-free cake from Café Lachine at home.)

The TV at the Pier House was turned to the Weather Channel, agreed on by the usual CNN Headline News/Fox partisans. At home, many have their radios tuned to local station Beach 104 FM. During hurricane Irene, two jocks sat at the mics for something like 15 hours, taking phone calls from people describing conditions near the callers and hooking up to give and receive help from the Outer Banks community.

Outside a fellow was wiping down a tripod by the open door at the rear of an SUV. Somewhere nearby there was a Weather Channel crew; they usually set up by the Ramada Inn, which has the infrastructure to support their electronics and people. Alas, Stephanie Abrams was elsewhere in the state, but Julie Martin is doing a yeoman job.