The Lost Colony at Ground Zero

Spooky 'Lost Colony' graphicGround Zero’s Clyde Lewis, on WOBX-FM radio, spooked up the Lost Colony story pretty well on Thanksgiving eve:

Even though the first successful English colony, Jamestown, is sometimes spoken of in history, there is the story that really never gets spoken of because it is mired in mystery. In some legends, the entire story is probably one of the biggest horrors in history. The pilgrims are always spoken of around Thanksgiving and there are often mentions of the settlement at Jamestown, however the Roanoke settlement goes down in history as the mysterious colony that disappeared without a trace and many believe all kinds of strange stories about it.

And strange he goes, inferring at one point a 16th-century zombie apocalypse, but also going in-depth enough to mention the nearby “blue-eyed” Lumbee Indians as possible descendents. If you didn’t catch it, a podcast is was here.